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"There is no rest for the wicked" or is there?

"There is no rest for the wicked" or is there? Cybercrime is opportunistic and keep changing with the seasons and news. From COVID-19, tax season, election to Christmas: there is always a good reason to increase crime “revenue”.

No doubt 2020 as brought a land of opportunities with a large and sudden shift to remote work.

Many organizations made the move in a hurry and their Cybersecurity are not up to the task. In a digital and fast pace world, it becomes crucial to know your risks and manage them effectively and not blindly. “Knowledge is power” so the saying goes. By managing risk effectively, we mean accept (i.e. do nothing), mitigate (i.e. make change to reduce the risk), transfer (i.e. often done through contractually through outsourcing or insurance) or avoid (i.e. remove the condition leading to the risk) a particular risk.

It is a business decision to weight risk versus reward by considering its impact to your business. During this pandemic, many businesses have/had to take on many risks to survive. However, these risks may have been acceptable for your business yesterday but may not be any more let say today. It is important to review periodically these accepted risks ensuring they are still in alignment with your business tactical needs and strategy.

You will often hear Cybersecurity professionals say: “it is not if your business will get breached, it is when!”. It is about being prepared and having the capabilities to detect, prevent, respond, and recover from a breach or Cybersecurity incidents. Be Cybersecurity ready and if you are not, understand what it means to your business. While they are building blocks and fundamentals in Cybersecurity, there is no one size fits all for your business. It depends on your industry, your business reliance on digital technology, your legal and regulatory requirements, and your business risk appetite.

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