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As a small company, do I really need to worry about Cybersecurity?

The short answer is yes. 1 out of 3 small businesses experience a breach. Your financial, customer, and employee private information can be monetized by opportunistic cyber criminals.

Most organizations believe that Cybersecurity is an inherent feature with everything from their email service, to their Internet Service Provider, to the hardware that they use. While most of our new technologies have Cybersecurity features available, they are rarely enabled “out-of-the box” to theproperly protect your company. The reality is technology cannot prevent all breaches.

Cybersecurity requires a layered approach made of technologies, people and processes. It is like an onion that you peel to get to its heart (i.e. your business information/operations). Even an internal email to your staff about what you’re having for lunch could be the precursor to a breach; unless you’re properly protected.

It’s imperative; regardless of the size of your business, to adequately, and frequently assess your Cybersecurity practices. The future of your private information, customers and business could be at stake – be proactive instead of re-active – book your assessment today



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